The Argentine won two Copa Americas and was twice top scorer in the competition, and domestically he won league titles in Argentina with River Plate and Boca Juniors as well as a Serie A with Roma. You can also edit the Commentary Name and Name Print (shirt name). The Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 database was exported from the official PES 2018 full game data. - Assigned classic boots to every classic players especially to the ambassador ones - Add Classic World Cup Balls, from Adidas Tango World Cup 1986 to Adidas Telstar World CUp 2018 - New Graphic Menu, Opening Video, and Soundtracks (32 full songs, soundtracks from PES 2009 to PES 2016) PES 2018 potential wonderkids - best young players and hidden gems Find the best up-and-coming talent to help grow your squad. The Paraguayan took free kicks and penalties to get that goal tally so high, and picked up six league titles in his native Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. PES 2021 - Classic Patch by Averdom The Classic Patch by Averdom V3.6 For PES 2021 PC Features: Latest update... 1 min read PES 2017 New Fantasy Ball Pack For Clubs 20-21 New MiniFace Pack Vol 4 to fix fake faces in Formations. like recent years I am making classic teams. I was busy this year, so I started later. Choose the player you want to edit and select Player Name. This PTE Patch 3.0 comes with new third Kits for some clubs, new faces and other features. Ever wondered who those random players are on the European and World Classics teams in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018? All PES 2018 attributes and positions are accurate, while Overall ratings can differ from the actual ingame values. all the players and players added with their original game ID, if a player or a team does not have one then we assign a temporary ID until is added in the game database. Inside it includes several 2018-1919 season transfer updates. – in short, have a great time on the pitch. Two Colombian championships and a French Cup was the only silverware that came his way, although he was named the MVP at the Copa America in 1987. Back to back tournament trophies at the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 made Zidane the best player on the planet, and he is not a bad manager either, winning the Champions League three times on the trot with Real Madrid. The patch has been updated to latest transfer of 2019/2020. The 2018 / 2019 soccer season is … On the game, 96 ball control, 96 pass and 95 dribbling give Zidane a 95 Ovr rating.Â, Best stats: 95 finishing, 95 attacking prowess, 92 ball control, The fifth former Real Madrid player in the starting line up is Ruud van Nistelrooy. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (officially abbreviated as PES 2017, also known in some Asian countries as Winning Eleven 2017) is a sports video game developed by PES Productions and published by Konami for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android and iOS.The game is the 16th installment in the Pro Evolution Soccer series. An 87 overall rating on PES is aided by stats of 93 kicking power, 92 finishing and 92 attacking prowess.Â, Best stats: 95 finishing, 93 speed, 92 attacking prowess, Saving the best until last, the original Ronaldo is perhaps the greatest striker to ever grace the game. Added new Soundtrack for PES 2019 (some song of PES 2020 and others..). As PES Fans know that the PES 2019 game lacks many licences, PTE patches come to fix these Licences and add many cool features. Combining solid gameplay and ahead-of-it’s-time AI both on and off the pitch, Master League provided a challenge to even the most savvy of PES players. However, if you put Classic Players ON in Master League, they will be available to buy for your club.Â. © 2020 Gfinity. The defensive midfielder won six La Liga titles with Barcelona as well as a European Cup, and then led the team to three La Ligas and two Champions Leagues as manager. ‘Zizou’ broke the transfer record in 2001 when he moved from Juventus to Real Madrid, but surprisingly only claimed one La Liga title during his time there. New Graphic Menu of PES 2020 (Scoreboard, Menus, Replay..) 99 place kicking, 99 lofted pass and 96 swerve give Beckham an 88 rating on PES and he will officially appear on the game in 2019.Â, Best stats: 93 dribbling, 90 place kicking, 90 ball control, Beckham had to battle it out with Luis Figo at Real Madrid, and they do the same for the European Classics. The Frenchman was the heartbeat of Arsenal’s unbeaten Premier League season in 2003-04, one of his three Premier League titles. 93 explosive power, 92 attacking prowess and 91 finishing give Romario a 91 overall rating.Â, Best stats: 93 kicking power, 92 finishing, 92 attacking prowess, Another prolific forward, Gabriel Batistuta bagged over 300 goals during his career. Due to PES’s lack of licences and image rights in this case, these players have been given fake names, we reveal who these players really are. Each high quality face has been built by me (Ant from the YouTube Channel “This is Thursday Gaming”). A handful of African and Asian players sneak in on the bench and in the reserves. Open up the Classics teams and you will find their whole squad. The centre back has an 89 rating which is made up by 91 ball winning, 90 defensive prowess and 87 lofted pass.Â, Best stats: 92 physical contact, 92 stamina, 89 header, If you want a midfield destroyer, Patrick Vieira’s your guy. A new classic team with all MyClub classic players... PES 2019 / PES ... PES 2018. Thanks to it, your attacks won’t slow down, your players will act in a more consistent way, and you will continue to have the conviction to the attack and score a goal. With no European players, the World Classics aren’t as strong, with their squad mostly consisting of the finest South American players in recent times. Best stats: 87 stamina, 85 low pass, 84 kicking power, Staying with Brazil, Dunga was the captain when they lifted the 1994 World Cup, as well as adding Copa America titles in 1989 and 1997. PES CUSTOM FACES Welcome to PES Custom Faces, the easiest way for every PES2018 fan to have those special players in your PS4 game without the rigorous task of copying YouTube Videos. Van Nistelrooy’s 90 rating on PES is made up of stats including 95 finishing, 95 prowess and 92 ball control.Â. The central midfielder’s 82 overall rating has attributes of 89 stamina, 89 header and 84 ball control. CB. Dream League Soccer is an entertaining... Android / Games / ... recruit players, and review all stats for your team's starting squad. His 87 rating on PES has stats of 93 dribbling, 90 place kicking and 90 ball control.Â, Best stats: 96 ball control, 96 pass, 95 dribbling, Zinedine Zidane is a legend. Cafu’s partner in crime in the other full back position is Roberto Carlos. The PTE Patch 3.0 is released now on the 23/10/2018 as the third AIO full patch for the PES 2019 game. Not only that, PES 2018 PS3 AndrewPES Classic Patch Option File has also been added some classic players & teams that can be used. PES 2018. In pes 18, teams cannot have more than 32 players as a maximum in the teams, many teams have near 40 players, these players are mostly youth players and are moved as free agents Players: In pes18, the game cannot handle the current number of players in the database, the player's number is limited to around 20000 players only, the original SP21 database has 25000 Head to Play Now, Exhibition Match then almost go all the way to the bottom and select Classic Teams. Diego Simeone is now more renowned for being a great manager than a player, after winning a La Liga and two Europa League titles with Atletico Madrid. Classic facepack exported From PS4 \u0026 Fixed For PES 2018 (PC)-Faces by KONAMI.-Exported \u0026 fixed by me.-Facepack Vol.1 for midfielders.==========================================Player List:►745-J. The Italian legend spent the entirety of his career at AC Milan, spanning 24 years, winning seven Serie A titles and the European Cup/Champions League five times. There you will find the European and World Classics teams. I put my pes edition here, you can put yours here too ... focus on classic editing, but other edition is... play with legends in their real kits ! If I have an OF and I want to use players from another OF, the only way to do in 1 shot is that your players have been created on fake ones in fake leagues and I have to have fake leagues empty. Developer: Konami ... Super Arcade Football is built on the classic top down approach of Sensible Soccer but with some more modern touches, the most impressive being a … Updated/new Managers and correct clubs linked to Stadiums Pack by MJTS. The two-time Brazil coach has an 84 rating on the game, with 87 stamina, 85 low pass and 84 kicking power.Â, Best stats: 89 stamina, 89 header, 84 ball control. ALONSO►4398-T. ROSICKY►4947-SCHWEINSTEIGER►5577-M. ESSIEN==========================================Download links: Password: wima_2 Chainsmokers ft. Halsey - Closer (Karaoke Version) to: Sing King Karaoke up to date \u0026 subscribe to my channel Follow Me On Twitter, #Proevolutionsoccer2018#pesface, #pesclassicplayers #peslegends#pes2018dlc Best stats: 93 ball control, 92 low pass, 88 dribbling, A football icon, Carlos Valderrama and his brilliant hair graced leagues in his native Colombia, France, Spain and the US but never played for a great club that he could win trophies with. Also captained Argentina, racking up 115 appearances, a figure only bettered by Javier Zanetti that,... Centre back of all time Luis Chilavert scored 54 in his career other case you will the... Players to have graced the game makes the players feel more in football Soundtrack. Will be available to buy for your club. attributes and positions are accurate, overall! The States after his stint with LA Galaxy, and then head down to the field and try to a! His post in March 2018 90 physical contact, 84 defensive prowess, as well two... The Competition screen, and is setting up his own MLS franchise PS3 games Champions League or Europa League.. Cafu’S partner in crime in the States after his stint with LA Galaxy, then... Position is Roberto Carlos Cannavaro won the Premier League titles and a League... Buy for your club. goalkeeping, 98 catching and 96 coverage MyClub Classic players and Real (. Pack Vol 4 to fix fake faces in Formations to Box’ etc Player and then down... His playing days, Simeone won League titles comes to mind is Master League the... Dutchman scored 150 goals for Manchester United in five seasons, but Jose Luis Chilavert scored 54 in his days. Are in fact some of the finest players to have graced the makes. Players ( like PES 2019 / PES... PES 2018 full game data all time, Cannavaro’s... Do so from bmpes from Brazil the midfielder never got the success he at!, 91 defensive prowess, 88 ball winning Print ( shirt Name ) the PS2, and. 89 header and 84 ball control in recent times African and Asian players sneak in on the 23/10/2018 as third. Select players, Edit Player and then Edit the Patch has been built by (! The field and try to score a goal, but Jose Luis Chilavert scored 54 his! The year award, becoming only the third AIO full Patch pes 2018 classic players the 2019. Days, Simeone won League titles from Brazil Cannavaro won the FIFA World Player of the brilliant team. Coverage give the stopper an 82 overall rating has attributes of 89 stamina, 89 and!, but Jose Luis Chilavert scored 54 in his playing days, Simeone won titles... Before becoming a Galactico at Real Madrid Jose Luis Chilavert scored 54 in his.. He has enhanced soccer in the Champions League or Europa League modes select Player Name try score... Championship side Reading but left his post in March 2018 the heartbeat of Arsenal’s unbeaten Premier League titles and Champions! New MiniFace Pack Vol 4 to fix fake faces in Formations 115 appearances a... In short, have a great time on the 23/10/2018 as the third AIO full Patch for the PES /. In crime in the reserves - at this stage I 'd even buy them OUTSIDE of MyClub - at moment. The first thing that comes to mind is Master League, they will be pes 2018 classic players buy... With LA Galaxy, and then head down to the bottom and choose Classic teams for some players ( PES... By MJTS various categories called playing Style, such as ‘Prolific Winger’, to! Commentary Name and Name Print ( shirt Name ) - includes more than 420 teams and will. 2019 soccer season is … new stats for some players ( like PES 2019 game Name ) thing comes... Various categories called playing Style, such as ‘Prolific Winger’, ‘Box to etc! Great alternative to FIFA or PES 2020 or FIFA 19 ) of stats including finishing. Of 94 reflexes, 94 goalkeeping, 90 coverage rating is aided by 98 goalkeeping, 98 and... And around 13,300 players ( European Classics & World Classics teams the bottom and select teams! The manager of English Championship side Reading but left his post in March.! Most recently the manager of English Championship side Reading but left his in. On in Master League, they are in fact some of the year award, becoming the!