Best seen on a computer, too many photos for most phones. We are re-defining the pet store, with transparency … We want to implore all of you to be careful and safe and to remember that your actions will have an effect on others. The biggest challenge we are finding at this time is in the delivery of our puppies (for those that are not picked up), as the airlines are dramatically  scaling back their availability of flights. Contact Us for Available French Bulldog Puppies, Beautiful Sound Healthy Puppies, Occasional Puppies Available, Inquiries Welcome We Provide You With The Best Dogs We offer top quality french bulldogs, contact us today and get yourself a new Best Friend Get Your Puppy Today WELCOME TO STACKED BULLIES Thank you for stopping by our website. Introduction: We are Donna and Lacey, a mother/daughter team who (along with a lot of help from our husbands) breed high-quality Frenchies in northern Utah (including brindles, fawns, red fawns, sables, creams, chocolate fawns, chocolate brindles, blues fawns, blue sables, blue brindles, and pieds in each of these beautiful colors, along with the extraordinarily rare pure blacks, pure blues, pure chocolates, black & tans, blue & tans, chocolate & tans, lilac fawns, and lilacs) for the love and enjoyment of this wonderful breed. Jen gave me the exact puppy I wanted. Virtually all of our puppies are placed with clients on our waiting list, so if you are looking for a high quality Frenchie puppy and have some timing flexibility please contact us and we will send information which will help you determine if we might be the breeder for you. Delivery! You couldn't ask for a better breeder", "Top quality frenchies! If you are looking for a happy, healthy, social & friendly French Bulldog you've come to … Should I … FBDCA members must have sponsors and agree to adhere to our Code of Ethics. Male vs Female French Bulldogs. 14 years ago we raised ... FRENCH BULLDOG PUPS. This was outlawed in 1835 and the modern Frenchie began to enjoy a life of companionship instead of sportmanship as breeds like Pug and Terriers were bred into their bloodlines. magnum french bulldog puppies. We at Stacked Bullies French Bulldogs intend to provide our clients with the best knowledge and resources. ES. What colors and color patterns do Frenchies come in? Welcome to Encore French Bulldog Breeders of Top Frenchies for Over Ten Years. When the puppies were old enough Jennifer helped us to pick our little Nellie and during the process Jennifer did an amazing job sending us pictures and videos keeping us updated and we were able to visit Nellie until she was ready to come home. I honestly can say you will not have a better experience or better quality Frenchie. We make Frenchies available in … Home. Is there a notable difference between male and female Frenchies, i.e., is one easier to house break, friendlier, smarter, easier to train, more affectionate, better looking, etc. Going forward, we will only be posting a video of each litter at 6-weeks when all of the puppies are walking/running around and it is much easier to get an idea of their personalities, in addition to their conformation, size, and color. This lady really knows her stuff! EN. In order to be prepared when I bring my Frenchie puppy home, what supplies do you suggest I get? Why are (well bred) Frenchies so expensive? RU. Origin: The modern French Bulldog descends from the dogs of an ancient Greek tribe, the Molossians. What should I expect when I get my puppy home? Do Frenchies have any special feeding requirements? At what age do you place your French Bulldog puppies? They love people and affection. Mazie & Hog (9/1/20) and Ava & Hog (9/6/20), Charlie (chocolate & tan, carries cream & blue), Cruz (blue & tan, carries cream & chocolate), Heath (chocolate brindle, carries recessive black), Maverick (blue sable, carries tan points), Quin (blue fawn, carries tan points & pied), Ranger (blue brindle, carries tan points & chocolate), Shazam (pure blue, carries cream & chocolate), Wally (cream, carries blue and recessive black). What separates us from other breeders is the amount of time and care we give our puppies and their parents. Responsible and of highest ethics. Things to consider when purchasing a French Bulldog. When we called Jennifer we knew instantly where we were getting the newest addition to our family. Contact now for availabilty 904.616.2706, rare colors frenchies.Health Guaranteed! French Bulldog New York, New York, United States Up for sale is one male French Bulldog puppy with blue / tan coat. All of the puppies shown in the 6-week videos will have had their vet checks and will be available for adoption; any that we will be holding back will not be included. It’s ease, because we can make your dream true. We fell in love and appreciate all of the support she provided. Pet Holiday Calendar. Is the French Bulldog recognized by the AKC and is there a breed standard? As soon as the video is posted, we will begin to formally reserve the puppies for clients on our active waiting list (having stated preferences in line with the available puppies), based on the dates deposits were made. If you live in Maryland and are looking to buy a French Bulldog Puppy, then check out our directory of the Best French Bulldog Breeders in Maryland (MD) featuring the best breeders we could find near you. We want to express our most sincere best wishes to all of our clients and site visitors during this very difficult and challenging time. Our dogs are given the best of care, nutrition and quality of life with our family. We have tried to make this website user friendly, interesting, and informative, and we hope you find it so. What is the difference between limited AKC registration and full AKC registration? We pray that you and yours get through this without significant disruption in your lives from either a health or economic standpoint. Welcome to French Bulldogs Heaven 904-616-2706. I wanted to start showing and began taking local handling classes. Thank you. Idylls French Bulldogs of Distinction, Ingrid Gleysteen, Breeder of AKC Registered French Bulldogs, Located in Maryland. Very pleased!! They were bred to be entertaining lap dogs. We had spent months researching and talking to family and friends about French Bulldogs and recommended breeders. They love to play with toys and chew on bones. If ignored, they can become destructive. DreamValleyFrenchies January-07-2020 READ ARTICLE. Although we have had a few litters of puppies in the past from some of our other dogs, we never seriously thought about becoming breeders until we became familiar with and obtained our first wonderful little French Bulldog, Bryn – the first of many. Do I need a big house and fenced-in backyard to properly care for a Frenchie? French Bulldog prices fluctuate based on many factors including where you live or how far you are willing to travel. The French bulldog will not endlessly pester and will fall with pleasure to sleep. Our quality puppies are bred for conformation and temperament. We are trying hard to produce the most beautiful, well socialized, friendly, and charming new members of your family! Stunning French Bulldog puppies for sale in Tennessee! What should I bring to the airport when I meet the carrier to pick up my puppy? Should You Let Your Frenchie Sleep With You in Your Bed? Fortunately, we had stocked up on dog food in early February, so our dogs are still well fed and cared for even though only small quantities can be purchased on any transaction at this time (please, no hording). EN. If not, there is a very good chance that you and your money will soon part ways, without a puppy to show for it:-(. Not only that, her dogs are family pets first and she is very concerned about producing quality frenchies that are structurally correct and sound in temperament. DreamValleyFrenchies January-07-2020 READ ARTICLE. As a reminder to each of our Waiting List clients who have passed on prior puppies due to poor timing, when you are ready for your puppy, please let us know so we do not bypass your name when we are placing new litters. Our focus is the consistent improvement of the health, temperament, and confirmation of these wonderful dogs. What daily routine is my French Bulldog puppy use to? ************************************************************************************************. Welcome to Gypsy Canyon French Bulldogs. Looking for my next from her. As one of the leading French Bulldog breeders in the Portland area, we contribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we have developed throughout the years. What do I need to know about immunizations for my Frenchie puppy? You should never buy a puppy based solely on price. DreamValleyFrenchies October-22-2019 READ ARTICLE. Although we have had a few litters of puppies in the past from some of our other dogs, we never seriously thought about becoming breeders until we became familiar with and obtained our first wonderful little French Bulldog, Bryn  –  the first of many. We live with our beloved French Bulldogs and Gypsy Vanner horses. Frenchies are just super silly dogs, our Frenchies love everyone and get along wonderfully with the other dogs and cats. If I live out of State, how will I receive my Frenchie? Frenchies are my passion, I have been raising Frenchies for over 15 years! She kept us up to date throughout the 8 weeks and let us come meet him after he had had his shots. As they evolved into the Frenchies that we know today, they were used for sports like bull-baiting. Our ranch is our little piece of Heaven. We pride ourselves in a high standard of breeding ethics that produces French Bulldog Puppies for sale periodically throughout the year. Are any alterations done to French Bulldog puppies? 931-306-4270. Please be VERY careful when purchasing a puppy for which you prepay to insure that you are dealing with legitimate breeders. We appreciate the good wishes that so many of you have sent to BlueHaven. Do you sell your Frenchies with a written sales contract and health guarantee? Can my Frenchie be left at home alone all day while I work? Texas French Bulldog Breeders offering healthy quality colorful Blue Frenchie Puppies, Chocolate, Fawn, Lilac FrenchBulldog puppies to approved homes. We are all doing well here in Northern Utah, and so far our business has not been significantly impacted, except for the difficulty of finding some supplies. How soon can I take my Frenchie puppy outside or to a dog park? We just updated our section on Scammers as it seems they are getting more sophisticated and brazen. Are there things I need to be particularly careful about with my Frenchie? If you are unable to find your French Bulldog puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of French Bulldog … We just love our Black Brindle French Bulldog Tula that we acquired from Jennifer at I Spy Frenchies!! We love these little dogs so much, and find the Frenchie puppies so fascinating and adorable, that we decided we wanted to breed them seriously so that we can help others enjoy them as much as we do,  and improve the breed in the process. If you are not in too big a hurry, we will help you adopt the Frenchie of your dreams. If you are in the market for one of these little bundles of joy, please consider us as your source for a high quality French Bulldog puppy (and occasionally an older retired French Bulldog). Our puppies are raised in our home as part of the family. Located in Marshall, MI we are devoted to raising happy, healthy Frenchies. At what age do French Bulldog puppies’ ears stand up straight? We care for and provide high quality and registerable French bulldogs, at a price that average dog lovers can afford. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we believe it will allow us to do a fairer and more efficient job of placing our puppies with anxious clients. What occurs in the first 9 weeks of my Frenchie’s life before he/she is turned over to me? Do Frenchies drool, snore, and make other funny noises? Price can be an indication towards the quality of the puppies breed lines and the breeders reputation. We are breeders of French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs in a small community in Iowa. I bought a blue male. The FBDCA Breeder Referral Service is provided as a courtesy to our members and the public. How to find French bulldog breeders near me? All French Bulldog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. This page displays 10 French Bulldog dog classified listings in Florida, USA. We are an AKC French Bulldog Breeder in Florida. What do I do? How often should I bathe my French Bulldog puppy and what are their grooming needs? "A hobby breeder of blue, red, and red pied French Bulldogs in Iowa, Frenchie Breeders - Driscol's Blue Genes" Welcome to Driscol's Blue Genes. We also produce variations of blue frenchie puppies, chocolate french bulldogs, fawn, lilac puppies that come with Brindle and/or Pied markings of French Bulldogs as well. As French Bulldog Breeders of NYC, We are re-defining the pet store, one french bulldog puppy at a time. French bulldogs Inc breeds European descent pure breed french bulldog puppies. akc french bulldog puppies contact me via text on (269) 496-2o79 - $800 I am pleased to announce that my puppies are now ready to be adopted. We would be very interested in hearing your feedback on our website as we are always trying to improve it. We regularly have new litters of adorable Frenchie puppies which we post on this website. Our French Bulldogs and French bulldog puppies are raised in our home, not in a kennel. Top 5 Reasons to Get a Second French Bulldog. We are Ken, Jody and Timbre Kott and live in the cheese Capital of Wisconsin. I have had a very pleasant experience, thank you". Your reputable breeder for high quality Frenchies including brindles, fawns, sables, blue fawns, blue brindles, chocolate brindles, pure blacks, pure blues, black & tans, blue & tans, and pieds in each of these colors, with more on the way. Find French Bulldog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful French Bulldog information. We DO NOT breed any other type of dog. She is upfront, honest and very knowledgeable. Looking for a French Bulldog puppies for sale in Florida, USA? We pride ourselves in the quality, health and temperament that our puppies have. We have included a lot of our own observations and experiences, as well as research we have done on the French Bulldog. What if my puppy has a very loose stool, possibly with blood or mucus in it? What guarantee does my puppy have and what papers will come with him/her? All great dogs!!! Now that we have that easy enough for visitor to find let me welcome you to Bluegrass Frenchies located in Richmond, KY. We offer French bulldogs and French bulldogs only. The current median price of French Bulldogs in Springfield is $2,425.00. We have owned French Bulldogs for almost twelve and NOT one of them has EVER had serious health issues. I am a small breeder in the Atlanta, GA area (yes, my cell phone is a Utah number, but I live in Atlanta)  Because of the high demand for French Bulldog puppies, I also network with other trusted breeders to place their wonderful puppies in good homes. We have French Bulldog puppies available a few times a year to approved homes. We have been raising dogs for over 20 years. If you love Frenchies as much as we do, or think you might with what you now know, we would love to communicate with you. Please check out the puppy page! My puppy is throwing up fairly often. Everyone of our puppies come with a 3 year health guarantee, microchipped, AKC registration and our lifetime support. Do Male or Female Frenchies make better pets? Available AKC FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES, see below. How often and how much do I feed my Frenchie puppy? Nine years ago we became involved with Frenchies. What we have experienced is that while there are breed standards for body structure, size, color, and temperament for the French Bulldog, there is sufficient leeway to allow interesting variations from Frenchie to Frenchie, and we’re confident there is one just for you. Thank you for visiting Adore French Bulldogs. We are located just approximately 2 hrs from Nashville and Knoxville on our 166 acre mountain property where we raise high quality, rare colored AKC french … Our objective is to make you a very satisfied customer; and with your new Frenchie puppy we will provide you with a vet check letter, a sales contract with our health guarantee, at least a 3-generation pedigree for both parents, and AKC registration paperwork, along with a few other things to help make your puppy adoption a smooth and enjoyable process. This has been a great experience getting our new puppy , Darla , the breeder was very thorough and very knowledgeable and her puppies are taken care of really well , we would recommend ,that anyone looking for a great frenchies , go visit I spy frenchies ! We are honored to have been named one of the Best French Bulldog Breeders in North America by PawedIn! This invisible corona virus is hitting every American to some degree, and it is creating great sacrifice and suffering on the part of many. He is perfect. French Bulldogs have extremely narrow hips so they need to be artificially inseminated as well as deliver their pups by C-section rather than naturally. So far, we have been able to make suitable delivery arrangements for our puppies and we are exploring other options, so we are confident that we will be able to get all of our puppies to their new owners, although a little more flexibility in timing will be needed. When should I neuter or spay my Frenchie puppy and what are the benefits? Page 1 contains French Bulldog puppies for sale listings in Florida, USA. I Spy Frenchies has beautiful, quality lines, bred with responsibility, knowledge and love. gorgeous creatures, “If you are looking for a top quality frenchie, look no further! They are socialized with other dogs of all sizes and ages, cats, toddlers, children, adults, and various noises they will encounter in their lifetime. i will only allowed them into loving homes, i have... by tmmbrsxitsi - Kalamazoo, Michigan - - 2 days ago Communication and the love she has for her dogs is top notch. On occasion we have companion puppies available for approved homes. Here is a link to the article: French Bulldog breeders in South Carolina have a few additional expenses compared to many other dog breeds. We believe love and attention makes for a … This will enable us to avoid problems which arise when puppies are tentatively reserved that don’t develop as hoped, that have problems discovered during the vet checks, or that are held back for our breeding program. Stop Your French Bulldog Puppy from Jumping Up on You and Others, The Best Travel Tips for Dogs and Their Parents, These 12 Tips Can Help Keep Your Pets Healthy Mid-Pandemic, Traveling with your pet amid COVID-19 restrictions, 3 Ways to Help You and Your New Puppy Sleep, The Importance of Keeping Toxic Chemicals Away from Your Dog, The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Pet Odor in Your Home, I have referred friends. While each Frenchie is an individual with his or her own peculiarities, our experience is that they all love all people (and other animals), they are very smart and learn easily, they try very hard to please, and they make wonderful companions for virtually any family situation. Call us! Browse thru French Bulldog Puppies for Sale near Tacoma, Washington, USA area listings on to find your perfect puppy. Are your puppies vet checked before they are sold? We believe all of our puppies deserve the highest level of love and care, even after they … She answered all of my questions and some I didn’t even know I had. Our beautiful French bulldog puppies are raised with lots of love and care to bring you laughter, joy, and comfort. than the other? We will get through this, and I believe we will be a better and stronger country when it is all done. What is the best way to potty train / kennel train my Frenchie puppy? We are a small show kennel located in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Do you have permanent ID placed on the Frenchies you sell? Do you have time to spend with your new family pet? Jennifer was great from day 1 of inquiring about potential frenchie puppies. The FBDCA is dedicated to promoting and protecting the French Bulldog and its standard (the ideal for which all reputable breeders strive). We will no longer post an introductory video.