During your appearance, you will be required to swear before a judge the details of your petition. If you have recently been married or divorced and you have legally changed your name, you will need to report your new name to: 1. the Department of Public Safety (DPS) 2. Make sure your full new name is listed on the marriage certificate. Expect to receive a new Social Security card (with the same number but a different name on it) in two to three weeks. To change your name or address, a completed and. Next up is your passport name change. If you intend to change your last name once you are married, that can usually be done through the marriage process. Changing your last name after marriage in Pennsylvania does not require a visit to the court house or a lawyer. The new name can be either your spouse’s last name, a hyphenated name containing both your and your spouse’s last name, or a name which is a combination of the two. The process changes based on how long it's been since your original passport was issued.Â. The second is the one the judge will sign once your name change has been granted. (name of the husband) on (date of marriage) at ____________(place of marriage). Because, according to Wolff, having an updated one can make other name change tasks, like replacing your driver's license, easier. Now's also the time to remind you of the value of a name change service like HitchSwitch. Most DMVs require name change notification within a specified number of days. Here are some ways of avoiding the pitfalls, keeping the overall costs of name change after divorce down and some handy tips on how to change your name after divorce. In some cases, you may have to petition for a name change in Texas. Learn more about obtaining fingerprint cards in Texas here.Â, To get the actual name change process rolling, you'll need to fill out two forms: the Original Petition for Change of Name and the Order Granting Change of Name of Adult. Apply and pay online with a credit card. ABOUT. Volume 5, Objective Z discusses name changes for both adults and children. embedgooglemap.net. This is a more involved and expensive process, so it's important that you make sure you actually need to undergo it. You will be asked to read the copy on your petition and may be asked additional questions by the judge. Cost:A $11 NEW VEHICLE TITLE/REGISTRATION After you’ve updated your license, it’s time to update your title and vehicle registration. A name change after marriage in Texas starts with applying for a marriage license, which you can do at your local county clerk's office if you're getting married in the state. After marriage, my name is __________ and all the records have the same name. Get Your Marriage License and Certified Copies . There is some work involved in changing your name. This brochure, written by the Texas Young Lawyers Association, explains the requirements and the procedure for requesting a name change. Meanwhile, the act of filing your petition and obtaining a court order could cost you hundreds of dollars. (Please type this Affidavit after carefully reading the notes mentioned below the format) I, __________ daughter of __________ and wife of ____________ aged __ , residing at __________ , do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under: 1. (Though of course, you'll need a marriage license regardless in order to legally wed!) You can get these forms from your local county court. In today's blog post we will discuss name change, post divorce, post divorce life, divorce, divorce lawyer. You cannot change your name on your birth certificate, except to correct a mistake (such as in spelling). The judge then signs an official order allowing the legal change of your name. Information on the laws for those who plan to get married or are married in Texas. Toll-free (in Texas only): 1-844-829-2843 | (512) 463-1722 | Fax: (512) 463-1728 Making a name change after marriage is as easy as filling out the appropriate information on the marriage certificate. As you're planning your visit, gather the following to bring along with: Here, find out more about applying for a US passport.Â. Moreover, Harris County is not responsible for the content nor endorses any site which has a link from this page. (Note that you'll probably have to pay a small, additional fee for each certified copy postwedding.). Double-check all requirements there and use its simple tools to find the right form for you. The Texas Young Lawyers Association recommends reaching out to the court your case has been assigned to to learn more about how these court appearances are scheduled. Texas family law practice and procedure [electronic resource], https://guides.sll.texas.gov/marriage-in-texas, State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Service, How to Change Information on Your Driver License or ID Card, Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 1, Chapter 15, Subchapter B, Rule §15.23. Minor (Child) Name Change Name Change After Marriage Your marriage license application will contain a space in which you can specify a new last name. Michelle Lippert Photography. (You'll have to apply for one there, not in TX! If you’ve decided that you’d like to change your name after marriage then one of the things on your post-wedding to do list will be figuring out how and when to start the name change process!. You will need to show proof of residence and identification while doing so. To complete the post-wedding name change, you’ll need a few certified copies of your marriage certificate (we recommend requesting at least three copies) and all of your old IDs (including passport, driver’s license and Social Security card). Love is not canceled, neither is your planning.Â. The first form is the one that you'll use to apply for your name change. See the resources below to help you get started with the name change process. Get your free legal name change in Texas after getting married at Rocket Lawyer. I was married last month and am now legally using the name Full Married Name. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety website, you'll need (surprise, surprise) your legal name change document. Copyright by the Texas State Law Library. The decision to change your name after marriage is an entirely personal one. ) It's always best to call ahead to find out what else you might need depending on your specific situation. Please take our patron satisfaction survey, 205 West 14th Street, Austin, Texas 78701-1614. This must be done in person at your local Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector office. You'll also need to change your name with the post office, voter registration, your bank and credit card companies, utility companies, your medical professionals, and pretty much anywhere/anyone else you can think of. Marriage-related name changes are discussed on this web-page from the Texas Department of Public Safety on how to change information on your driver's license or ID card. Wait at least 10 (TEN) days after the ceremony is performed to allow sufficient time for your license to be returned to the Register of Deeds. The Original Petition for Change of Name must be signed in front of a notary. The good news about a Social Security name change in Texas (or anywhere in the US) is that it's free.Â, To submit your application and other required documents, head down to your nearest Social Security office in Texas, which you can find here. Wondering how to change your name in Texas? This gives you a marriage certificate's certified copy that will be sent to you via mail in about 14 days.For those who might not have a marriage certificate copy, but want to effect a name change, the Marri… When your petition is granted, you obtain an official name change order from the court, and you can request duplicate name change records from that court at any time. (Call your local county court for the specifics.) Read on to learn more about 1) Check your Divorce Decree before proceeding further 2) Social Security Card 3) Getting a Driver’s License with your new name imprinted 4) Changing your name on bank accounts 5) Changing the name on the Deed to your home You can use it if you 1) have your current passport and it's in good condition, 2) got it when you were at least 16 years old, and 3) got it issued within the past 15 years. Box 1525, Houston, Texas 77251-1525. Locate a Department of State Passport Agency (for expedited service) or Acceptance Facility (for everyone else) to get started. Looking to give your bridal party a fresh feel? (As a reminder, that's your certified marriage license or court order. Until the SSA recognizes your name change, no one else will.Â. Wolf's example is if you decide to create an entirely new surname after marriage. (Note that even if you don't have a passport and you aren't planning to travel internationally after marriage, getting one with your new last name could make the rest of the process way easier. And with that, you need a great team name. (Consider Mr. Jones and Mr. Smith becoming the "Jonesmiths.") Changing Your Last Name After Marriage If you intend to change your last name once you are married, that can usually be done through the marriage process. Rules from the Texas Department of Public Safety on what they will accept when changing your last name after marriage. (Services like HitchSwitch can help you compile a comprehensive, personalized checklist.) 3. File the Request Change of Name form and pay the $217 filing fee. Here are the bridesmaid dress trends you should know about. Contact Us | Ask a Librarian. Filing fees vary depending on the type of name change. You can also mail everything to the Social Security office.Â. Harris County names Longoria as first elections administrator (The Leader, 11/4) ... Harris County to issue marriage licenses again starting May 18 [Community Impact] ... Harris County election night results could be delayed because of late rule change [KHOU.com] Can we get married in another country (destination wedding), using a Harris County Marriage License? Simply download the application for a new Social Security card (the SS-5) and fill it out following the attached instructions. You can also visit Texas State Law Library's website for more information about a name change petition in Texas.Â, As you can tell, obtaining a court order for a legal name change can get pretty complicated, and the information above is far from exhaustive.