A couple of months back we noticed the switch would only work every couple of tries. Then I still have the same problem on other days where it won't fire. Do NOT install a damaged blower kit! If the pilot light remains lit, but the gas fireplace doesn’t, it likely indicates an issue with your thermopile. I turn the gas off down below and the ignitor continues to spark even with the wall switch off. Once or twice should be sufficient. Location: NC, USA. My Heatilator fireplace will turn on without any problem and last about 15 minutes or so but then go off. This will over ride the remote control feature. Happens every time. Flipped the switch and nothing happened. High Quality Aftermarket Fireplace Blowers & Fans 1-800-466-4045 Check the contents of the carton. Fireplaces, Wood Burning and Heating Stoves, Flues and Chimneys - Heatilator won't turn off - I have a Heatilator ND3933I with a Skytech 1410-A … Started pilot recently on first attempt. My fireplace has a light-switch that turns it on (really, releases the gas, because the pilot light is already going). I replace the switch but I still have the problem. Disconnect from 120V Power. Have a heatilator gas fireplace which won't ignite. Dec 15, 2008 2 Central NY. Group Moderator . Dec 21, 2008 #4 First check the pilot flame, make sure it is nice and string and stable. Has seen very little use. I can hear the gas shutting off with the bottom door open. Turn off the gas, relight the pilot light, flip the wall switch on and again it fires up after a minute or two. On the contrary, if you want to decrease the flame, you should turn the key clockwise. The pilot light lights okay. The service call is $125 plus parts & labor and we just can't afford it. Heatilator Will Not Turn On (Pilot Lit) -- What is minimum mV from Therompile? 1. (worked last week!) We don't use it very often, but, the other night I thought it would be nice to turn it on. Learn the simple steps of starting and operating a gas fireplace, including start up, flame and heat output and fan adjustment. It has a standing pilot light, which ignites with a piezoelectric (press the red button) starter. Then you may need to troubleshoot the switch or remote control. View the step by step guide to safely light the pilot light on your Heatilator gas hearth. Date 2403 (mid June, 2003?) By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Ask Your Own Home Improvement Question. Make sure nothing was damaged in shipment. View and Download Heatilator GNDC30 installation & operating instruction online. I can not restart it for several hours but it will eventually work again. The pilot light is on and the digital thermostat on the wall is working--clicks and says "heat on" when we ask it to draw heat. The blower is typically wired to the thermostat to activate when the fire reaches a certain temperature. Step 3 Use a can of compressed air to gently blow away any dust and dirt from the thermocouple. It is important to remember that not all gas fireplaces have “standing” pilot light, or, a pilot light … I have gas fireplace with a electric switch to turn it on or off. This will over ride the remote control feature. 2 seconds later it shuts off. Heat & Glo Fireplace Pilot Light on But Won’t Start. Show Less. 0. Heatilator direct vent gas fireplace (standing pilot ign) was installed with new home in '02. Take a long drinking straw and place it against the pilot on the end where the flame would be. Fireplace doesn't ignite. Re-light the pilot and observe if it is burning differently. Thank you.-The Murray Family The blower motor supplements the heat produced by the gas burners by pushing air with a fan. First, check to see if your pilot light is lit. Gas Fireplace Won't Stay Lit With Fake Logs In Place. Try to reignite the pilot it by following the fireplace manufacturer’s instructions. When I lift the bottom flap to look inside at the wiring, the ignition module has a flashing red light after it shuts off. Also for: Gndc33, Gndh30, Gndh33, Gndh36, Gndc36. Main Hearth Forums. Gas fireplace won’t stay lit, but the pilot light does. This is another relatively small piece of your fireplace that converts heat to electricity, ultimately opening up the gas valve when you turn on the fireplace. I have a Heatilator 36' gas fireplace - model GCDC36E When I turn on the wall switch, the ignition works, the fire starts, looks great. I'm able to turn the key until it won't turn anymore, but the fire will not go off. How to Light Your Pilot Light on a Gas Fireplace | Heatilator b0nhwunxy4i5atc5vp1lyqzf Step 2 Find the thermocouple, which is located next to the pilot light and looks like a small straight pipe. The fireplace will turn on from the electric switch but will not turn off. Multi-Sided Gas Fireplaces. Linear and Contemporary Gas Fireplaces. If it’s not, maybe it just blew out. If it looks lazy you need to clean out the inside of it and the orifice. 1) The on/off switch on the fireplace and/or wall may be in the on position. Replacement piezo sparker→ http://amzn.to/2e03wZ3As always shut off the gas before you do any repairs and if you smell gas, let it clear first. Gas fireplace flame won't stay on; both flame and pilot go out. Locate the pilot light inside the hatch. Some gas fireplace inserts are equipped with a blower motor to direct warm air into the room. Other than unforeseen surge in draw, what can cause breaker tripping?-1. Modern style and options in several shapes. It is supposed to have a pilot that lights automatically. Feb 26, 2007 3,734 Madison, WI. What do you suggest is the problem? What can I do? Heatilator Gas Fireplace NDV4236I Pdf User Manuals. Traditional Gas Fireplaces. Hi All, I know that this is an almost impossible question to answer here, but, I have a gas fireplace at home that won't light. It stays lit-no problems there. 0. Gas heatilator - Answered by a verified Home Improvement Expert . Diagnosing a Thermocouple Problem. If your gas fireplace isn’t starting, there could any number of possible issues contributing. Main burner for gas fireplace won't stay lit (pilot light is fine) 0. Category: Home Improvement. Disconnect the thermocouple line from the gas line with a wrench. Thread starter MENCAN; Start date Dec 15, 2008; Forums. Make sure the batteries are working on the remote control. Gas Fireplace Inserts. Pilot/gas have been turned off for the last year. Turning off your gas fireplace’s pilot light can save a substantial amount of energy and money. Then ds845 red l … My gas fireplace won't turn off. Remove the old thermocouple and secure the new one in its place. Stack Exchange Network. Some panels have a screw on each side that needs to be removed and other panels lower on a hinge. Have heatilator gdst36 fire place lights and runs when you turn it off pilot light goes out. Share this conversation. Create unique spaces with multi-sided fireplaces. If you have an older model of fireplace, when your gas fireplace shuts off and pilot goes out since it means you probably need to change your thermocouple. I have a Heatilator Model ND4236, Serial GA1005589, Mfg. Is your pilot light on, but the unit is not turning on? It's a Gas! Heatilator fireplace with Robertshaw ds845...turn on switch, ignitor clicks, gas flows, flame lights, but ignitor keeps clicking for 3-4 seconds and then gas shuts off puts out flame. Join Date: Mar 2003. I've read previous answers to this and attempted to blow out the element with a flap on it, but that didn't work. A fireplace remote control is a convenient way to turn your gas fireplace on and off at home without needing to get down on your hands and knees and struggle. Blower Kit Parts Step 1: Turn Off Fireplace and allow it to cool down. Show More. M. MENCAN New Member. Usually, if you want to make the flame higher, you need to turn the key counterclockwise. Status Not open for further replies. 2) The remote is in the thermostat mode (SMART-STAT and RCT-MLT models) and the temperature of the room has not exceeded the desired temperature setting by 2 degrees Fahrenheit or 1 degree Celsius. Please help if you can. The pilot light would stay on, but the fire wouldn't turn on when you switched it on. Open the maintenance hatch below or to the side of your fireplace. If that doesn't work, you can try this, you won't like it, but it works for me: you watch the flame at start-up and turn it off before it turns blue and extinguishes itself, then wait two minutes, try again, but be sure and turn it off before it goes completely blue. What can I do to fix ... 250mV with switch off 118mV with switch on (but fireplace not on -- only pilot) jtp10181 Minister of Fire. I turn the wall swith off and the flame will not go out. My heatilator gas fireplace turns on but then it shuts off - Answered by a verified Home Improvement Expert We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Sponsored Links #2 11-12-19, 02:46 PM P. Pilot Dane. As with any technology though, as convenient as having a remote control is, there are many ways things can go wrong or it can fail to work. If you are watching when you do it, you will see dust fly out of the back of the pilot at the air shutter. My Gas Fireplace Won’t Light. Submitted: 8 years ago. Gas Fireplace Inserts. My very old heatilator lights up fine, but the gas keeps shutting off the flames within a few seconds...it comes back on (flames), then shuts back off, all while the pilot light stays on. Multi-Sided Gas Fireplaces. Turn off the pilot and let it cool. Linear and Contemporary Gas Fireplaces . Turn off the fireplace gas valve and remove the front panel from the fireplace. Remove the louver which cov- I replaced the light switch and it worked fine for a couple of days but now it is not working entirely (ever). natural gas fireplace, which was installed in 2003. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as … Any . How to Change a Thermocouple in a Heatilator Fireplace Turn off the gas to your Heatilator fireplace. Blow thru the straw forcefully. However, it has been harder and harder to get the flame to burn when I turn on the wall switch. Hi, we have a Heatilator gas fireplace that won't light when we flip the wall switch. Shut off the Gas supply. GNDC30 indoor fireplace pdf manual download. Why is our water heater running the burner for so long and why is the relief valve running? Heatilator won’t stay lit. Try to turn the wall switch on other days, wait several minutes, nothing happens. We recommend that you turn off your gas fireplace pilot light seasonally. If you have it wired to an on and off switch, then you will need to test the switch. Gas fireplaces with traditional logs and authentic look. View online or download Heatilator Gas Fireplace NDV4236I Owner's Manual, Installation Instructions