All content is the property of Justin James and It looks like there’s at least one automated option (DocToc), but I figured that I could learn something by working up a manual table of contents in Markdown. The [ [_TOC_]] can be placed anywhere in the page to render the table of contents. Markdown Table of Contents Generator. IntersectionObserver markdown navigation vue animations Learn Development at Frontend Masters A table of contents is a list of links that allows you to quickly jump to specific sections of content on the same page. The first step is to add this line of text to the markdown files to skip of: Here is an example using built-in Windows command line options. Replace an existing toc when generate it again; Insert anchor on your titles; Auto-saving when a toc is generated; Configurable generation of Numbering your table of contents It will generate table of contents with hyperlinks to each header. Right-click on the selected Markdown table to open the context menu. Using Markdown to Create Table of Contents of Headings The Markdown Create Table of Contents Syntax: [TOC] Insert [TOC] into any line in "One Markdown", it will create a table of contents in here. It allows you to have a cleaner implementation and reusability. Organize your remarks with subheadings by starting a line with additional hash characters, for example ####. The Table of Contents extension generates a Table of Contents from a Markdown document and adds it into the resulting HTML document. Here’s what I did. This extension is included in the standard Markdown library. This heading-specific URL is what goes in the (link) placeholder: These links followed a predictable pattern (the heading name, lower case, with hyphens in place of spaces), so I only copied and pasted the link for the Purpose. Tutorial: Manually create a Markdown table of contents for your GitHub README. Generate a Table of Content base on markdown title (from level 2 to 4). Here’s what it looked like in StackEdit after I had all the inline links set up: Not bad! For example, here's what Google sheets will look like: Choose Embed, check your settings, click on Publish and copy the