Posting pictures of your offerings and products on social media i.e. There are thousands of ways you can promote your small business. Cake Business Marketing Ideas – 30 Awesome Tips to Help You Succeed. Place adverts on national TV stations, Radio Stations and Newspapers / Magazines; Sponsor relevant children community programs; Install our Bill Boards on strategic locations You can’t be a carbon copy of your competitors. You can ask your customers to subscribe your e-book if any. Make sure your target audience is catered and covered when participating or organizing such event. Stick with me – I promise it will be worthwhile. A tool which is found to be unique and covers the specific group of people and creates a strong brand value. A Small Business Marketing Success Story: Pink Cake Box – Goes into depth about how to utilize a blog for marketing a Bakery, and how one company did it in particular. some cooking and baking tips, you can also organise cooking contests, etc to build your brand presence. Pretty Little Cakes wants to establish a large customer base of regulars and will therefore have taste days on every first Friday of the month, where loyal customers can taste as many new flavour cupcakes as they like, for a set price. Cake intrigued us because it offers the opportunity to discover our customers’ behavioral patterns and that of like-minded people, in a well-founded, analytical way. Oftentimes, customers who try one of your creations will come back with a custom order. With the right mix of activities, you can identify and focus on the most effective marketing tactics for your small business. It is really important that a business owner knows the concept of creating a sales and marketing strategy, for it is how a business will obtain its goals in the marketing industry. You can promote your products, exclusive offers, discounts and deals through SMS or push notification over cake app thus keeping your customer updated with latest stuff. Shoot an informative newsletter or email with either offer or any other information proves to be beneficial for branding purpose. As a social responsible business, the KÄ“ki no Hanashi Bakery promised to keep on serving the healthier but delicious and quality cakes f… Business to business marketing refers to transaction of goods and services between two businesses. So, you must try new marketing tactics for getting long-term success in the cake shop business. Here are… To stay unique may sometime give you an added advantage over your competitors. To provide good quality products. The cake industry has experienced significant growth in recent years in South Africa and especially in Cape Town. Build a cake ordering app and start selling. This Course consists of 4 Modules that will teach you on all aspects of marketing your cake business. They might take a little more work than print advertising, but they will save you money and increase awareness of your home bakery! For example: To remain top, Dangee Dums came up with cake of the day at special price. Give away a cake sampler featuring your signature frosting and cake combinations. Build a community with the other bakers to keep a track if something new comes up such as flavour, design, breads etc. You can construct an online feedback form at the time of purchase or after purchase which would be giving you the idea of your cakes and if any improvements required. This is not as simple of a request as it sounds and for the last couple of years, I couldn’t fit it into my schedule to make it happen. Publish the unique and informative content regarding your business, unique cake ideas, occasion decoration ideas etc. How Can An Online Vegetable Store Sprout Up Amid COVID-19? Start small, and work your way up. But they face challenges in promoting the same. It is also advisable to build long-term relationship with customer which not only gives a lifetime customer but also add-ons through his/her word-of-mouth. Try to introduce something new in terms of flavour, frosting, themes, cake sizes etc to set a benchmark in your industry. 7. He or she can provide the space, and you will guide guests through tasting different kinds of cake and frosting. To stay unique may sometime give you an added advantage over your competitors. Customized cakes and Theme cakes are trending in market, First Birthday, Engagement, 1st month anniversary, fashion freak, Sports lover, etc whatever customization comes to you make sure you give your special touch to differentiate from competitors. Marketing can be done in a number of different ways and this course will show you how to effectively strategise your marketing plan to make more sales. There will still be a place for the cake making industry, but the early adopters to the changing influences that generate consumer interest will see the most success. With a little practice, marketing your cake business will soon change from chore to second nature. Notice how you respond to the businesses you interact with and learn from what they’re doing right. Set up a stall at the local fair. Taste alone is not enough to market your cake business to potential customers, so it's important to develop a marketing plan to promote your cake business. Sell cupcakes at a discounted price to encourage people to try something. Advertise on local websites such as supermarkets, business sites. With the mission of ‘letting more and more cakes to tell happy stories’, the KÄ“ki no Hanashi (ケーキの話) Bakery would like to make cakes become a food that may represent the wishes from the senders. Santi oversees CAKE’s business operations and corporate strategy globally. Create an interactive ambience, such as you can come up with story form/ art painted on walls to increase the engagement and stay time in store. If you are displaying some unique flavours, always keep a sample for the customers to taste as generally people don’t take risk on buying new flavoured over the tasted ones. Publish the content which allows them to revisit you and read your stuff wherever they see your brand name. You’ve got a great idea for a business, you’ve got everything in place including your logo and now you need to find your customers.. You could offer the best products or services in the world, but that alone won’t help if your potential customers can’t find you – so you need a great marketing strategy to match. As your business grows, add another idea, and watch the cakes fly out the door! Learn More Related Books An important measure to take the suggestion and feedback from customers for improvements required and to better understand their needs. The art has moved from basic frosting and piping to unimaginable competitive 3D creations. Design a professional logo to use in all of your promotional materials such as business cards, flyers, posters, stickers, roller banners, packaging, till receipts, website, social media pages, etc. 4. This year, I made it happen – and learned something about marketing strategy from the Cake … You can show your creativity and create a buzz by promoting here. Knowing all the bakery marketing strategies is greatly needed especially when you are handling a huge bakery shop. Active marketing for your baked business is a must. Look for more businesses to challenge commercial bakers by providing gluten-free items and other diet specialties to carve out a … It hits the mind of customer with numbers of ad on whatever sites he visits thus leading to the increase in purchase ratio. It points out the weak factors of a business and creates a better way on how to improve that certain factor. He is a veteran of the marketing technology industry with over two decades of experience in enterprise software focused on Global 2000 companies. Steps to Stay Alive and Running in the New Normal for Restaurants, 5 Best App Development Ideas to Consider Amidst COVID-19, 3 Mistakes Every Online Seller Must Stop Committing, Clients In - New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Indore, Jaipur and 50+ cities across India. Hire a photography student with a good portfolio to save on cash, or swap baked goods for photography services. You can also build a community of your customers, also the ones who are interested in cooking, housewives, etc. Marketing, the practice of communicating your bakery’s story to your potential customers, can mean the difference between a flourishing business and an expensive hobby. © 2020 ohoshop. Knowing your customer gives you the entire idea of their choices, spending limit, preferences, etc. For example: To remain top, Dangee Dums came up with cake of the day at special price. 1. Just because you have a small marketing budget, doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of these powerful and profitable marketing strategies for small businesses. You can include the basic tips as well as recipes in it. Try to introduce something new in terms of flavour, frosting, themes, cake sizes etc to set a benchmark in your industry.