I'm thinking the butter stick may be a bit too small for what I want. I can’t speak for the vice but the classic trout is great! $156.39 - $187.00 $199.99. I know the quality of the cork on the handle is a big deal for a lot of us and this was pretty good. 51-$149.99 $ 149. Redington Path II Combo Fly Rod Outfit. The Classic Trout is Lucas’ other top recommendation for a fly rod under $200. Redington Crosswater vs Redington Path. Redington Fly Rods vs Cabelas for Beginners. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I managed some nice tight loops with both and no sign of any tip bounce in the line. There's no better way to start off your day then heading to your favorite creek with the Redington Trout 4-Piece Fly Rod. This medium-action rod has a wealth of classic details such as a machined aluminum reel seat for easy attachment. Redington Crosswater Fly Fishing Outfit. Out of the box, the Classic Trout is a handsome and nicely built product belying its relatively bargain price tag. Tackle Review- Redington Classic Trout Rod. With a 3 wt I don't expect being able to toss buggers but I'd like to be able to throw dries and maybe some nymphs on the rod. 39-$249.95 $ 249. While the folks at Redington [] have come up with a whole range of fly rods, this one really stands out when it comes to trout fishing (just as the name suggests it would! Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel 4.7 out of 5 stars 386 $97.51 $ 97. The same might be said of an angler's fly rod. Depends on what you plan on throwing. I've been looking at getting a 3 weight rod that I can use to target trout on smaller streams and rivers around MA and the surrounding states. Messages 35 Reaction score 7 Location Annapolis, MD. That's great info! Cast drys like a dream and does well on lighter nymph set ups. This is a subreddit for anglers who pursue, or wish to pursue, their favorite fish on fly rods. Just my two cents. As things quietened I went back to duo fishing both with 2mm and 3mm bead head nymphs hung below the dry. I actually checked out the Swift for the first time 2 weekends ago! Next time you stop into a fly shop, take a gander at the rod rack. I think you'll be happy with either combo, if you are just starting out it might be a good idea to get the Path and save the extra money for later. Butter Stick! Choosing a fly fishing setup for beginners is a challenging task, and this is a question we get quite a bit. Redington Path Fly Reel. The Classic Trout rod is a perfect choice for the beginner both in price and it’s forgiving action. Though I'm mainly looking to get into smaller bodies of water it'd also be fun to take the 3 wt to something bigger than tiny mountain streams. The refined Rose Dynawood insert looks classy enough to store the Classic above the fireplace mantel without much fuss from your spouse. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I love it, I went with shorter length for to make it a good backpacking option and fish in some of the closer spots on the swift/other rivers. Although not a specialist like some of the beefier choices out there, this medium-action rod is a practical workhorse. $149.99 $139.99 Redington Classic Trout Fly Rods The moderate action of the rod provides the delicacy needed for technical spring creeks, yet packs enough power for big river and boat fishing. I was thinking the Zero reel since I don't expect needing anything nice for smaller bodies of water. I was wanting a 7'6" and they only have a 7' in a 3 weight. Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod £ 169.99 – £ 189.99 3. I've caught bass up to 3lb on it, and I've never felt like I was overplaying the fish at any point. Things like a big bugger aren't ideal. It's been said that the measure of a craftsman is in their tools. Redington Classic Trout 4 Weight Review On a trip to Bennett Spring awhile back, I did something that I had never done before. I don’t really see any value in casting it with a bit of yarn and then saying it’s nice. ... which are great all-around weights most often used for slow-moving, smaller waterways or trout ponds. We ended up sharing the rod, taking it in turns to catch a few grayling. Perhaps these are the words of a reformed tackle hoarder! I popped my cherry with the rod on a rising grayling during a brief midge hatch. Skip to content FREE Fly Line With All Fly Rods Over $550 // Just Add The Line to Your Cart! The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Redington produces excellent entry-level and midrange fly fishing rods and reels — on any given river in America, there’s a good chance a fly fisher either started out with a Redington fly rod or is happily fishing with one. While the faster action rods throw line out further, I find that they lack soul. redington classic trout 276-4 7' 6" #2 weight 4 piece fly rod, tube, warranty 4.5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - REDINGTON CLASSIC TROUT 276-4 7' 6" #2 WEIGHT 4 … I started with the Orvis. It feels to me like they have always been around just going about their business in the UK and from what I gather have built a loyal following from those who own their rods. The CT is perfect for spring creeks, small streams, and even some drift boat fishing on larger tailwater fisheries. I have a 3wt with a zero reel, such an awesome setup for small streams. I want to see how it throws 3mm of tungsten and over what ranges it works well. トラウトアングラーのためにデザインされたロッドです。テクニカルなスプリングクリークの釣りに要求される繊細さを表現できるモデレートアクション、にもかかわらず大河やボートでの釣りにも対応する力強さも兼ね備えています。 Redington Classic Trout. Redington Path Fly … $61.22 Compare Choose Options. Redington produce a broad selection of rods to cover virtually all aspects of fly fishing from trout in small streams, rivers and stillwaters to salmon and saltwater fishing, and in a range of models and actions to suit a wide range of casting and fly fishing ability. 99. The reel seat insert is rosewood. As far as small stream waters id go for the CT over the vice as the action will give you a bit more touch and control at short distance and in tight spots especially fishing smaller presentations. Diecast aluminum frame construction and easy to change spool $70.64 Compare Choose Options. Check out the TFO finesse series, I love my lefty and I personally think it’s superior to the redington’s for dry flying, it can hurl smaller streamers and light nymph setups but is made to be fished on smaller water, it can can still handle a 22” rainbow tho! Jul 29, 2020 #1 I recently read an article about the Redington CT rod, I'm assuming that is the Classic Trout? So many things I read about talk about how far they can chuck flies but that's not my concern on smaller bodies of water. Most of what I've read online has been about the 5 weights but I already have a 9' 5 weight. The Redington Path II sits squarely at the budget end of the market, but is a viable option nevertheless. Description. I very nearly did. You'll need a rod that's precise but reliable, something like the Redington Classic Trout 6-Piece Fly Rod. The classic trout on the other hand was a bit more versatile and could handle the super small drys and emergers in shorter range and medium distance however over about 50ft it didnt have the backbone to deliver larger, heavier flys like bugfers etc. It’s finished in a deep brown with silver accents. ... and the classic do-everything fly rod is the 5 weight. Firstly I am a horrific hoarder of tackle, and secondly, I like to try things that are a little different from the usual main brands. I'm wondering if the CT might be a better fit for a little bit more versatility? If you want to purchase this rod, and your local fly shop doesn't carry it, here is a link to where you can purchase online. Hitting a hula hoop at 30 feet and in was a gimme. Redington Classic Trout: $114-170. Honestly the Vice is a great rod if youre fishing heavier setups or want to make longer casts but short range its just a bit too fast action. Dude if you’re just fishing the Deerfield or the Swift, go with the butter stick. Redington Path Fly Reels offer anglers a lightweight reel with an aluminum frame for durability. ).The rod is available in line weights from 2wt to 6wt and ranges from 7’6” up to 9’. It’s such an underrated rod and a great price point. God it sounds so attractive. I think the CT is a great pick. I personally prefer moderate to slow action rods, so I have a soft spot for these guys. It felt a little too heavy and slowed the rod a bit too much for me but I really liked the Barrio and Rio on it. Redington Classic Trout 690-4 Fly Rod : 6wt 9'0" ON SALE! The Classic Trout Fly Fishing Rod by Redington features a moderate action blank with enough sensitivity for small stream fishing yet power for larger trout rivers. Redington have always been on my fly fishing radar for a couple of reasons. Thread starter jrp11948; Start date Jul 29, 2020; J. jrp11948 Active member. Now, I can do the review by casting it for 20 mins in a field but I think it is more important to go have a cast, try some different lines on it and then take it fishing. Rods through 6 weight have a half-wells handle with a wood reel seat for a classic look and feel, and 7 weights and above feature a full-wells grip with anodized aluminum reel seat that is ready for salt or fresh water conditions. Trout are your target, and the river you fish in is tight. ... Redington Path Fly Outfit. Fly Fishing Rods for Sale . The 3wt 8'6 CT is the rod with a skagit head is what I use most, as it can handle bass bugs and dries. Review: Redington Classic Trout fly rod. Redington builds the Classic Trout from an intermediate modulus graphite to hit their strength, weight and medium flex targets. The Vice is a fast action rod and the CT is a moderate action. I have the three weight classic trout and i love it! The PATH rod is a smooth-casting, medium-fast action graphite fly rod, offering classic performance … Sage Foundation Rod. $75.35 Compare Choose Options. So down to fishing. I went for an 8 1/2ft 4wt rod as it is the sort of model I have in my hands a lot of the time and I wanted to be able to compare it with other brands that I know well. Redington Classic Trout, this rod features a traditional trout action and is available in all of the key sizes from 7' 6" 2wt through 9' six weight. /クラシックトラウト. Redington Fly Rods Redington Fly Fishing Rods are synonymous with quality fly rods at affordable prices. Features. B) think of all the buttery fall Browns you could slay while fishing the glass. classic trout? Whether you fly fish a 2wt on small creeks for brook trout, a 14' 9wt for Steelhead or Atlantic Salmon, or Tarpon on a 12wt; your contributions and questions will be welcomed and appreciated! The range runs from a 7 1/2ft 3wt up to a 9ft 6wt and cost from £129 to £169. Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod. The rod coped extremely well and I fished for a few hours with my pal Richard. See the Redington Path II Fly Rod. $30.61 $24.96 Compare Choose Options. Redington Path vs the Classic trout. I have a hydrogen 3wt 7'6". You see, I find myself getting more "set in my ways" and "less willing to change" as I get older so I have been forcing myself to try new things. Good start. The Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod is a great setup for learning to fly cast and fly fish, but it also offers amazing value and is a great deal! The Redington Classic Trout is a perfect example of a mid-actioned, fast recovering river rod. Honestly the Vice is a great rod if youre fishing heavier setups or want to make longer casts but short range its just a bit too fast action. Ive fished both the Classic Trout in a 3 and 5wt and own a vice in a 6wt and have fished the 4wt and 8wt versions. The Redington Classic Trout is a perfect example of a mid-actioned, fast recovering river rod. I've narrowed my choices down to a Redington Vice or Classic Trout but I'm unsure as to what would be a better fit. While I definitely plan to target those rivers with 5 weight, and maybe 3 weight, I'm itching to do some hike and fishes up in the Whites and get some small stream action in other places. Redington Redington Classic Trout. Yes, without hesitation. First thing I noticed was there were dots on the sections, making alignment nice and easy. A quality rod offers you a better chance of experiencing those days on the water that we’re all after. They are less emotive than their moderate to slow counterparts, being less capable of telling you how it's flexing at any given moment. Firstly an Orvis Clearwater, A Barrio GT90 and a Rio LT, giving a nice little mix of lines. Really what my choice hinders on is what rod is going to be better suited for shorter casts? A rod that casts easily and pleasantly at practical fishing distances—and unlike the rocket launchers for sale beside it, you can buy a Classic Trout for $149.99. They're the perfect rod for tossing dries and wets to trout, but when paired with a skagit head, they can throw size 4 baitfish patterns as well. I do have a Redington Classic Trout and Redington Predator that I love, but Orvis is a great brand too. The PATH rod is a smooth-casting, medium-fast action graphite fly rod, offering classic performance for all levels of anglers. So when I opened the rod tube I was getting to grips with a brand of rods that I have always hankered after and had heard some great things about. That way I can get a good feel of how the rod performs in a real life situation. 95. Also wondering if the butter stick is a little bit too much of a fast action? It'd be great to have a rod just for small streams but I'd like to be able to take the 3 weight other places. Accuracy Well, I got within 20-something feet, anyway, and with accuracy. I'll have to look into this one a little more then! I hoped the bar wasn’t already too high! I'd prefer to settle on one of these 2 rods but would I be THAT much better off shelling out the extra money for the Hydrogen? Richard felt the line was a little light when fishing with just 5/10 feet outside the tip and had to work a little harder to get it going, but that was it. Would I recommend the rod? Because they're carefully crafted with top components (and such fun to fish), $349.95. So in this article we’re going to be putting Cabela’s Prestige up against the Redington Crosswater Combo to … The VICE simply did what I wanted it to do and with little cajoling. Redington Path II Fly Rod With one false cast, 50 feet was doable. What reel are you gonna use? Quick view. The 4wt seemed to shine in the 30-45ft casting range and anything under like 10-15 feet felt like I was lobbing line. There was filler but it didn’t feel like the Braille boards I have felt on more expensive rods. Weighing in at 2.6oz it sits well against its competitors in a similar price range. Yes, it will be a little clunky on small creeks and feel a little underpowered when deep nymphing, but it’s totally capable of both. I’ve got three 4wt lines I want to try on the rod. FENWICK Mixer EQ DJ Scratch Fishing equipment 4.5 out of 5 stars 199 ... Redington Classic Trout. I had only packed the Rio line, working on the basis that I’d fish the rod with either a duo rig or a dry on its own. Amongst the sea of expensive, often overly-stiff rods, you’ll probably spot the Redington Classic Trout. Redington Path Fly Rod Kit 4.6 out of 5 stars 151 $156.39 $ 156. The Classic Trout is Redington’s mid-priced moderate action trout rod. We had some good weather and the grayling were rising. Ive fished both the Classic Trout in a 3 and 5wt and own a vice in a 6wt and have fished the 4wt and 8wt versions. If you’re looking at beginner fly rods from Redington, you might end up also thinking about the Redington Path Fly Rod.This rod is also a medium-fast action fly rod, and it only costs $40 more than the Crosswater. Fly anglers know and trust Redington as another maker of quality fly rods. The large arbor design of these reels allows a quicker and easier retrieve. In a crowded market I feel I have a rod that will do everything I want it to do in all of my fishing situations and feels like a keeper rather than one you update whenever a newer model hits the market. The range runs from a 7 1/2ft 3wt up to a 9ft 6wt and cost from £129 to £169. Completely different rods. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If the 3wt Vice is anything like my 6wt Vice then that would be my choice.