I've found cuppa soups for 89 cal! I've got to be honest I'm bloody starving but it is getting easier! I'm finding the shakes really nice and feeling very full after. and 10" in 29 Weeks† by Slimfast. No one? They are going to close the schools again aren’t they. Also do crunches and squats daily.Will weigh myself Monday morning to know my start weight for the week!Good luck for Monday!!!! You're doing really well!! Surely fish and chicken and salad , veg etc is all good calories any way? My job is sedentary so I have my coffee whilst going to work about 8, try and last until 12.30/1pm, go for a 20 minute walk then have the slim fast and aim to have a lower carb dinner about 6ish. It consists of meal replacement shakes and food products designed to promote weight loss. How are you all doing? Proud of you!! of 1-2 lbs. KETO. Where to buy; Login; HOW IT WORKS; ORIGINAL; VITALITY; KETO; RECIPES; TOOLS; SLIMFAST SQUAD ; My page; Need help? Hi, I started slim fast on Tuesday. I was 2.5 stones lighter this time so I'm hoping to get back to that before long.. But she didn’t stop there! So I'm going to try and cut all that out for 3 weeks, wish me luck!How is everyone getting on so far? X Factor winner Alexandra Burke was named the new ambassador of SlimFast after shedding an impressive 18lb … I can't stick to it long term. Celebs too! Mondays are going to be my weigh in mornings so I'm holding out til then to see how I've done!How are you finding it x, Oh hey! If you want something to kickstart your diet change, it will work. See all success stories. sleepymama81 Wed 20-Sep-17 08:12:24. Kelly's Story . As I followed The Plan and began to see the number on the scale dropping consistently, I realized that I had finally found a plan that worked for me and my lifestyle. 1:43. Ola and James' Story . However found my usual Monday Find out what Mumsnet users thought of Echo by Lloyd’s Pharmacy. When I feel the pangs I've been drinking more water or lemon and ginger tea. Have you tried it? I like to do it every 2/3 days just to keep me motivated and going!!! 1:44. Matt. Xx, Thank you :-) good luck for Monday bet you'll do amazing!! So far, so good.I walk about an hour a day every day for school run there and back twice. Also done 10k steps a … So it went straight in the bin! To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. I'm starting the slim fast 321 plan tomorrow, i just want some more motivation, can any of you tell me how much weight you have lost using slim fast and PLEASE don't say that its a load of rubbish and that it's bad for me, i don't care and i won't take any notice, hahah. Then in bed fairly early. When you log your weight it doesn’t tell you what you’ve actually Xxx, Started Tuesday at 11.10 and 3/4lbsFriday; 11.7 &a half.Saturday; 11.8 &a half (I ate a lot Friday night as my "treat evening")Stuck with it and still going!! “I decided to start the SlimFast Plan as I’d heard of other people’s success. Weetabix 140Bar 200Snack 100Steak 400Brown Rice 100Sweetcorn 50Mushrooms- 50Snack 100Shake-200Snack-100Each day I'm trying to stay between 1.400-1,500 cal 😎 Maximum. I started on Tuesday and by today I had lost three lbs!! Read their stories. Alexandra's Story . Just on my second day, got a big wedding in July I would like to look nice for. Success Stories. YOUR AMAZING STORIES. Along with a morning coffee and 3 cups of tea in the day/evening. My starting weight is 13stone2 and I am the heaviest I have ever been! This is page 1 of 2 (This thread has 46 messages.). As a young mom of 4, Tonia was determined to get her pre-pregnancy body back. I'm now into how and when to eat and what to eat etc. wobblywonderwoman Wed 20-Sep-17 08:13:44. I set mini goals for myself during my journey because the … Plan and dropped an incredible 4 dress sizes! Kelly's Story . and 36″ in 26 weeks & another 8 lbs. This is broken up into: three SlimFast snacks (including crisps and chocolate if you want) I'm interested how other people are finding this plan or what they're eatin while on it.. Have you lost weight on slim fast!? xx, Omg well done!!!!!!! She found herself in the unique position of learning about the Keto diet during the process and by the time the products were available, she knew she had to give them a try. You're doing soo well!!! And I would definitely recommend the challenge starter pack! Claire Sweeney - singer, actress and mother to 2-year-old son Jaxon – started following the SlimFast 3.2.1. ❤️️🙃, Hey I joined this site specifically because I saw your other post (and all the negative rubbish).. CLAIRE SWEENEY, best known for her role as Lindsey Corkhill in the Channel 4 soap opera Brookside and presenting 60 Minute Makeover, has lost two stone and has revealed just how. Brown pitta sometimes. Jeremy's Story . Main meal at 1pm (around 600-700max cal) all healthy stuff. I'm trying to drink lots of water and green tea throughout the day in work and then I have a healthy meal in the evening with my husband and kids.. but the hunger pangs can be pretty bad! Meat and salad or veg or I'll have a ready made meal that has 400cal or so.I'm finding inbetween HARD!!! And keeping to my main meal being at 1pm - not every day, but most days. Lol. I had a friend who lost a stone in a month on Slimfast. HI I just started ultra slim yesterday (Tesco) version of slim fast and am sticking to plan religiously need to lose 2/3 stone by September if possible. and 30" in 26 Weeks† by Slimfast. Hi, My Name is Tonia! Stay positive and just imagine what you'll be by next Monday!!! I have what I want as long as it's healthy!!! Yes, lost 16 lbs with Slimfast (although put it all back on as soon as I stopped!). *Expect to lose an avg. Average weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week. More success stories. It wasn’t until SlimFast that she was able to lose 63 lbs. Read success stories and see results of real people who lost real weight on the Plan. Michelle's Story . As a professional musician with a grueling tour schedule, Matt found it hard to keep his weight under control. Hannah's Story . I think I'm going to have a yogurt or fruit before school run, then when I come home have my bar or shake. Plan as he had his parents wedding fast approaching and wanted to look great for the special occasion. in 8 weeks with SlimFast Keto! Poll. So far feeling good, Not overly hungry. I'm sure I'll get into the snacking it's hard for me to have something and feel satisfied inbetween.. Jessica Simmonds a real life Slimfast Success Story lost a whopping 2 ½ stone on the SlimFast 3.2.1. I started slimfast on Monday and I have quite a bit more to lose than you. Oh yeah by Monday I bet you're down another 1/2lbs for sure!!!! I’m a hardworking proud mother of three beautiful girls. Are there any SlimFast success stories? After seeing pictures of herself at 191 lbs., Deborah decided she had to make a change and lose weight. SlimFast Success Story | Trinity | Lost 38 lbs. To list your gym or exercise class, or one near you, please head to the adult classes section of Netmums Local. Read their stories. Danielle C. As a graphic designer for SlimFast, Danielle designed the packaging for the new SlimFast Keto line. VITALITY. 2:05. Hannah's Story . Please note, this board is not for advertising fitness classes. and 16" in 27 Weeks† - Duration: 2:05. Morning. I began my SlimFast journey on November 1 st , 2018, not knowing what to expect. OP’s posts: See next | See all Add message | Report | See all. I'm not sure how sustainable it is but hope to keep it up for at least a month and then move to really healthy eating x, Yeah I defiantly need to get some of the snacks as that's where I'm feeling hungry! I found drinking a cup of tea straight after the shake make me feel much fuller for longer. I started it when I talked to my doctor about losing 55 pounds. KETO 400kcal. Ola and James' Story . Really enjoying this xx, Thanks!!! Bar for dinner. (I only know the calories in my main meal today because it wa as ready meal), Well done you're doing amazing!! I am 31 years old and my weight loss journey started July 2018. YOUR AMAZING STORIES. SLIM FAST buddies / success stories.. (46 Posts) Add message | Report. 8 STEPS TO SLIMFAST SUCCESS GIVE US A WEEK & WE'LL TAKE OFF THE WEIGHT ® * Based on the SlimFast Plan (a reduced-calorie diet, regular exercise, and plenty of fluids). Plan involves eating up to six times a day. But I can't see how I'm not losing weight on 1200 calories, it must just take a bit of time to show up on the scales!