Lazer TroKar TK230 Helix Drop Shot Hook 5 pack Lazer TroKar Retail: $6.49 Our Price: $5.19 Features: The Lazer TroKar Helix Drop Shot Hook is a drop shot hook with a built-in swivel to prevent line twist. Contact Us. TK120 Magworm Hooks - Part Number TK120-8/0 (TK12080) by Trokar. They honed all three edges to surgical sharpness, resulting in a hook that penetrates twice as fast and dramatically improves strike-to-hook-up ratios. Package Pack: Trokar Hooks Hook Type: Swimbait Hook Point: Surgically Sharpened Technology™ Keeper: No Keeper Offset: Non-Offset Point Style: Straight Shank Length: Standard Slices: No Slices Wire: Heavy Shape of Bend: Swimbait. Proven in tests to penetrate with half the pressure required for other leading hooks, the Lazer Trokar EWG Worm Hooks benefit from Trokar's Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST). If you hook a bass behind its jawbone, you drastically decrease … This creates a triple-sided point that actually penetrates twice as easily as other point shapes - dramatically increasing strike to hook-up ratios. That location lets the blade swim freely on the retrieve. I also like the HD worm hook from Trokar, but for regular wire EWG worm hooks that I use for Senkos, they are all Gamakatsu, that hook is just perfect in every way. Minnow; Members; 4 30 posts; … By Walker Smith • Sep 9, 2016 (Photo: It can be difficult finding a big worm hook that fits your needs. Trokar advertises on it’s site and in it’s literature that it takes up to less than half the force for Trokar’s hook point to penetrate a test medium (that test medium being BoPet – biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate, which is a type of mylar film) than other competing hooks/brands. Forget everything you know about hooks. Eagle Claw Trokar has changed the dropshot game with its new Trokar TK25 AXS hook. I am a bad judge when it comes to the sizes of these hooks, but I just came back from BPS with a pack of 3/0 and 4/0 and made sure. 2:34. It’s not only irritating, but it also really hurts your hookup ratio. The point shapes and grid angles are adjusted for each hook based on fishing technique, gap and even wire diameter. Size: 7/0. EWG Hook Review. 3 per pack; MPN: TKSB Swivel design makes it … A wider … For Flukes I like the Owner Twist lock light, that hook is unreal and my point is that each one seems to have a hook for … When you find one with a gap wide enough for bigger, beefier worms, a long cast often sends the head of the worm sliding down the shank. Brand: Eagle Claw: Hook Type: MAG Swimbait: Size: 3/0: Number: 3 per pack: Made in: USA . Hammered nickel Willow blade attached by a titanium wire and double barrel swivel. Trokar Swimbait Head -The Trokar Swimbait Head is designed with technology that has a precision ground, triple-sided point that penetrates with as little as half the pressure of other hooks-dramatically increasing strike to hook-up ratios. Elite 110 Hook Kit: The new Elite 110 hook kit joins the Elite, Mini Elite 2, and Mini Elite 3 family of hook kits to round out a nice variety of prepackaged selections. Eagle Claw Trokar TK25 AXS Dropshot Hook. Tucks under the chin and belly well, and the length of the wire puts the blade just behind the belly of most 5 inch swimbaits. TroKar hooks feature an entirely new, patented hook sharpening technology that is unrivaled in the fishing industry. Finish: Platinum Chrome. The current lineup includes both offset and non-offset circle hooks, live bait J … Lazer TroKar TK150 Drop Shot Hook 7 pack Lazer TroKar Retail: $4.99 Our Price: $3.99 The Lazer TroKar TK150 Drop Shot Hook is an octopus-style hook designed specifically for drop shot rigs. Rhode Island. What is it? Features: Lazer TroKar Pro-V Octopus Hooks are Pro-V bend, long shank heavy wire octopus-style hooks. I like the slender body style more than traditional tubes. By Bassnajr, February 15, 2011 in Fishing Tackle. The rules just changed. We developed a fishing hook that is far superior to anything else that has ever been created: TroKar. Finish: Platinum Chrome. Fortunately, Lazer Trokar created these hooks with that problem in mind. Product News and Reviews. TTS 4 Posted April 14, 2014. Trokar hooks are they worth the price?? Sure, many other treble hooks can skin-hook a big bass, but I've noticed a lot more hookups behind the jawbone with these hooks. The Elite 110 kit is comprised of 50 black-chrome Trokar 110 series wide-gap hooks: 15 of the TK110 in the 2/0 size, 20 of the TK110 in the 3/0 size, and 15 of the TK110 in the 4/0 size. Our engineers designed a new definition of sharpness, a hook with a geometric triangular point to penetrate faster and easier. Quantity: 3 Pieces. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Available in Fishing Department. Out of Stock: $5.99: Backorder. Justin Brouillard. 5 Models Available. The hook on the Trokar Swim Blade rigs just like other weighted screw lock swimbaits. ShortCast - Laser Trokar Hooks Are The Best For A Reason! Currently, there are a total of 18 series of hooks in TroKar’s freshwater inventory, ranging from Mooching rig styles, to extra wide gap trebles, to flippin’ hooks, to myriad worm hooks and hooks designed especially for swimbaits. The shape of the weighted keel on the hook puts a bit of … Extremel... View full details Save $1.00. The Lazer Trokar Round Bend Treble Hooks feature a classic round bend design and 2X strong wire construction, making them a great choice for a variety of hard bait applications. There’s a golden rule about fish-hooks - they must be sharp! Having used Trokar hooks now for several months, and on a good number of occasions, there is no question that these relative newcomers to the array of hooks … Recommended Posts. Even with both fast and slow retrieves, the blade turns on its double swivel. Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: × ... Super sharp Eagle Claw TROKAR hooks. Lazer Trokar MagWorm B.A.R.B. I can believe this, as the Trokar’s are almost dangerously sharp, it takes only a moment’s inattention then tying a hook or … TroKar hooks feature an entirely new, patented hook sharpening technology that is unrivaled in the fishing industry. The point shapes and grid angles are adjusted for each hook based on fishing technique, gap and even wire diameter. That hook in the picture is a Trokar TK-190 size 2/0. For the past few years, … Trokar Hooks reviewed. There has never been anything like it, and it can bring fishing success to a … Eagle Claw TK3 Trokar Lancet Circle Offset Hooks - Size 1/0 - Per 14 Eagle Claw TK3 Trokar Lancet Circle Offset Hooks - Size 2/0 ... New product reviews and guides. 6825 Tilton Rd Bldg C Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234-4426, USA 1-888-354-7335 Toll Free US/CAN 1-609-788-3819 DIRECT INT'L. Size: 8/0. The rules just changed. Featuring TroKar's Surgically Sharpened … Sur Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Forged using a unique tempering process, the Trokar Light Wire Finesse Worm Hooks are extremely strong with just the right amount of flex to resist … Quantity: 3 Pieces. Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout. Trokar hooks seem to have redefined the meaning of the word, well in the fishing hook market anyway. Visit Video Library . … - Duration: 2:34. Quantity: 3 Pieces. TK170 … Great for drop shot or bait fishing. Spring baitkeeper makes secure rigging easy. In Stock: 5+ $7.29: TK170-5/0: 3: 5/0: 1/4 oz. Justin Brouillard. Retail Store Hours 9am-6pm ET Mon - Sat 10am-4pm … TK160 Magnum Swimbait Hooks - Part Number TK160-7/0 (TK16070) by Trokar. What sets it apart? Finish: Platinum Chrome. TK160 Magnum Swimbait Hooks - Part Number TK160-9/0 (TK16090) by Trokar. Model Qty/pkg Size weight Stock Price Qty; TK170-3/0: 3: 3/0: 1/4 oz. The colorful tails, 3D eyes, scaled-textured heads, and a 90-degree flat eye provide a presentation that is too tempting for hungry striped bass, flounder, redfish, and other predators species to pass up. Scott Martin 5,750 views. The Round Bend 2X Treble Hooks have a lot of room between the hook points and the shank, allowing for solid hookups on big bass. This patent-pending process precisely grinds the three sides … When conditions and target species call for a more robust design, the TK8 Extreme Live Bait HD might be the … The Lazer TroKar Pro-V Bucktail Jig is a premium bucktail hair jig built around a Pro-V bend hook. Once the sharpness was dialed in, we … The Trokar Flipping Hook is only a dollar more for the same amount of hooks and it is superior to the gammy. Available in Fishing Department. 2014 FLW TV | Forrest Wood Cup on Lake Murray - Duration: 45:59. TroKar hooks feature an entirely new, patented hook sharpening technology that is unrivaled in the fishing industry. They also feature a shorter shank, which means you can get away with using a larger size hook to increase hooking potential, and the hook won’t hang down too far and interfere with your baits action or increase snags. Live bait fishing is as popular as ever from coast to coast, and Lazer TroKar is now manufacturing some of the planet’s finest live bait hooks. Trokar TK250 Double Frog Hooks by Eagle Claw. The Lazer Trokar Light Wire Finesse Worm Hooks feature Trokar’s surgically sharpened hook point technology. The hook features a surgically-sharpened point that is sure to hook any strikers and the Pro-V bend keeps 'em … Call or visit our retail store today! The tube is a 3 1/2" Tender Tube made by BPS. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Eagle Claw Trokar Magnum Swimbait Hook at In addition, Trokar bolstered the wire diameter of the hook and used a unique tempering process, specifically tailored to bring out the maximum strength potential of the ultra-high carbon steel Q741 wire. Followers 0. Description: Octopus Style Up Eye Forged Ringed Eye Black Chrome Size Hooks … TTS. Members; 2 1,408 posts; Location. Available in Fishing Department. Bassnajr 2 Bassnajr 2 Karl Pilkington is my hero!!!!! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Sign in to follow this . Comments Required. Report post; Posted February 15, 2011. Size: 9/0. Review Subject Required. Features: The Lazer TroKar Swim Blade is an underspin that combines the strength and heft of the TK170 Magnum Weighted Swimbait Hook with the flash and attraction of a silver Willow blade. TroKar's Surgically Sharpened hooks require half the pressure of other hooks to penetrate. Trokar hooks are they worth the price?? Posted by Tony Green on 24th Jun 2020 Very sharp,strong, wide gape … When targeting inshore or near-shore species such as weakfish, redfish, snook or sea trout, the light wire TK7 will be the ideal hook, available in sizes 2 to 4/0. The saltwater TroKar hooks initially hit the marketplace back in 2012 and have taken off ever since. The result is a stouter hook that allows for aggressive hook-sets and intense fights, as well as, just the right amount of flex to resist breaking. October 14, 2020. Gear Review: Eagle Claw Trokar TK25 AXS Dropshot Hook. TroKar's Surgically … Taking the fishing world by storm, the Lazer Trokar Flippin' … Designed as an inline replacement hook, the Lazer TroKar TK21 Black Inline Hook features the lightweight, but super strong construction required wh... View full details Save $1.30. Trokar Hooks reviewed . (No reviews yet) Write a Review * Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Save to Wishlist. 03_trokar_tk25_axs_hook.jpg. The Lazer Trokar EWG Worm Hooks feature Trokar's unique surgically sharpened three-sided hook points - making them twice as sharp as any other hook on the market. 5 Eagle claw Trojan SWIMBAIT Magnum 3/0.