Skip to main content. Olympian Wave-6 - 6000 BTU Htr. The CO monitor was about six feet from the WAVE-3. – The heater and filter will stop when the temperature is reached, but the heater light will stay on. Can you use an extension lead with the Wave Spa? Ram 4GB RAM, built-in USB 2.0 port Discover More WAVE:1. I figured by the time I add up the cost of shipping , the pad and the service charge, I may as well buy a new one. We have 1 Camco OLYMPIAN Wave3 manual available for free PDF download: Installation Information . Wave Spa would not be liable for any loss or damage caused by using the product indoors. The Camco Olympian Wave-3 Catalytic Safety Heater is an ideal primary or secondary heating source. If the hot tub is used by a child over the age of 8, we recommend setting the temperature no higher than 37°C. Please enable JavaScript in your browser in order to make this website functional. Do not use any form of electrical extension leadas it may not be rated. Yes, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors, but great care should be taken when using the product indoors in the event of accidents and the potential for damage to carpet and furniture etc. I might also note, this wave 3 heater at night puts off a warm orange glow, very pleasent, and has never caused any oders at all. I'm having a debate with myself about whether to have our Suburban RV furnace repaired or to replace it with a Wave 3 Catalytic heater. When your Wave Spa is heating, you should feel good suction. Current selection is: 3000 BTU . View & download of more than 4146 Dimplex PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. The heater is 1800 Watts or 1.8KW. I just think the wave heaters are a good product that do what the co. claims they will do. wave 3 heater. This heater tower features 3 quartz infrared elements, spreading even heat out into the room, without drying out the room air. For example, the radiant efficiency of a short wave quartz heater is up to 96% and that of a medium wave heater is around 60%. Cards haven't played since Dec. 9. The duration of your Wave Spa filter is dictated by the time your heat/filter functions are applied. If you are assembling this unit for someone else, give this manual to him or her to read and save for future reference. Apply the glue directly to the repair patch and adhere carefully, leaving it to be set for at least 30 minutes before water is refilled. Olympian Wave-8 - 8000 BTU Htr. You need to press the 'Filter' button again to ensure that the filtration system is actually off. It is referred to as "pad poisoning", and will start producing deadly CO. Operates on lower pressure gas and can be mounted to your wall, or it can be used as a portable heater Once the Wave Spa is properly positioned on a flat surface, strong enough to take the weight of the filled spa and clear of stones and sharp objects, it can be inflated and ready to fill with water in about 5 minutes as the motor and heater system are both already built in and connected. E73 Electrical Thermostat. Sold by dalyn123 New seller Contact seller. After you have connected all of the buckles, tighten each one and lock with the keys provided. The built-in carry handle makes it … OS macOS 10.15 or newer. X7 Touch-screen Thermostat.pdf. Use the Wave Heater inside your RV as a portable unit or permanently mounted. TZ08 Module Manual.pdf. They also specify 18" clearance above the unit and 4" on both sides. This can be beneficial in many processes depending on the absorptive properties of the material being heated. WIFI Plug-in Socket. For use in vented areas only. Food, Fun, Music & Much More! … Follow the five easy steps below (for image references, click each step): Step 1: Ensure the temperature in the control panel is displayed. From the date of purchase, the pump heater is guaranteed for 12 months. Camco Olympian Rv Wave 3 Lp Gas Reviews Product Features Offer FREE our Usually takes to been received.Keep or with the RV LP Catalytic Safety Heater. Please make sure you give enough time to see the temperature of the water rise. While the Wave Spa is built from very high quality materials, it can be penetrated by sharp objects causing it to lose air, or worse if it is filled with water, the spa will collapse and all water will be released. We estimate that it will take just a few minutes for the first assembly, so you should be able to assemble ready for inflation in less than a minute for all other occasions! We recommend using (not supplied) Loctite super glue. I have no stake in this company. INFRAREO IC HEATER 6 Front Panel Exhaust Fan Function Keys Drawer Chamber Heater ... (3)The pre-set up wave cycle is according to the temperature that the different solder paste needs. 1600-2800 BTU adjustable output. 5. No. If you use for 1 hour, the cost is: To operate the hot tub with heat on and bubbles for 1 hour: The pence per KWH will change often, so please check for an updated price with your electrical supply company if you need to calculate more detailed usage costs. Press the GREEN button on the RCD plug to reset the system once you have installed a NEW filter. Flame type heaters actually waste up to 45% of all heat produced. If you will be permanently installing the Camco Olympian Wave 3 Catalytic Safety Heater part # CAM57331 then you would need to run a hose from the heater to the propane manifold. I have tried to get a new pad for it. The filter and filter housing are stored in the heater unit on a new spa. You can use it: in scenes, with the heating panel, manually.